This topic describes the YumaKitchen settings that you can configure.

Setting Description
Display orders as cards  Enable this setting to display orders as separate cards.
Additional preparing and assembling statuses

This setting is recommended for use in stores where clients can track their orders through the electronic queue system.

When this setting is disabled, clicking the In progress and Done buttons results in the following statuses of the order:
In progress -> the order status «In Progress»
Done -> the order status «Done»

When this setting is enabled:
— In progress -> the order status «Preparing»
— Done -> the order status «Assembling»

When the order status is «Assembling», your employee  can take the order from the kitchen to pass it to a customer.

Display orders from left to right

Enable this setting to have YumaKitchen to display orders in separate columns from left to right. The number of columns is specified in the “Column count” setting.

Column count

Specifies the number of columns for previous setting.

NOTE: This setting and the previous one are available only for YumaKitchen installed on a tablet, and if you enabled the “Display orders as cards” setting.

Print order once press Done Enable this setting to print orders once you taped the Done! button.
Show print button Enable this setting to display the Print button.
Enable courses  Enable this setting for the order screen to display the order of serving dishes (courses), which is set on the menu item property page.
Don’t let closing order manually until all items are done

Enable this setting to prevent employees from closing the order until all its positions have the “Done” status.

Confirm the order closing if all items in the order are not  prepared Enable this setting to require a confirmation to close an order if all its positions have note the “Done” status.
Hide Done button Enable this setting to hide the Done! button on the order screen.
Note: This setting does not affect the Done buttons for each order item.
Show new orders Enable this setting for YumaKitchen to display  new orders.
Allow close orders  When enabled, the order screen displays the Close button.
Allow refund orders 

When enabled, the order screen displays the Refund button.

NOTE: With YumaKitchen you can refund only orders that have been paid using online tools (such as Mobile app or the store web site).

Allow cancel orders When enabled, the order screen displays the Cancel button.
Group order items  This setting is used for the kitchen receipt.
If the setting is enabled, the receipt groups identical positions of the order.
For example, if the order has two identical positions, such as:
– Coffee
– Coffee
This order will be displayed on the receipt as following:
2 x Coffee
Show recipe When this setting is enabled, an icon ? (question) is displayed next to each dish. Clicking that icon opens the dish recipe if any.
Nesting count

This setting is used for the dish recipes.
For some dishes, such as for cakes, pies, etc, the recipes can include several levels. 

If this parameter is 1, only the the first level recipe shall be printed out. If this parameter is  2, the first and second levels of the recipe shall be printed out.

Filter by expected time
Orders background depends on the elapsed time 

Enable this setting to display new and old orders using different colors.

Three colors are used:

green – new order (when it is not yet time to prepare your order);
yellow – when it is time to start preparing the order;
red – for overdue orders.

This setting works only if the «Filter orders by delivery time» setting is enabled. Otherwise, the orders are displayed in orange.

Filter orders by expected time

The filter applies to orders of the following types: Delivery, Dine in, Take out, ASAP).

Three filters are supported. If you click on the order type, you can see available filters:
– «Time until order ready» (for example, 15 minutes);
– «Time until ready when order should start preparing (in minutes)» (for example, 10 minutes);
– «Time before ready since order is expired (in minutes)» (for example, 5 minutes).

To clarify, consider the following example:

Let’s say it’s 12:25 now, and the order should be done by 12:50.

Order color changes in the following way:

At the time of creation – green
from 12:40 to 12:45 – yellow
from 12:45 – red

Filter by payment status     
Terminal Click to set the filter parameters for orders issued through the POS terminal.
Mobile Click to set the filter parameters for orders made using Mobile app.
Web Click to set the filter parameters for orders made using the store Web site.
YUMA Click to set the filter parameters for orders made using YUMA system.
Uber Eats Click to set the filter parameters for orders made using Uber Eats.
Kiosk Click to set the filter parameters for orders made in Kiosk.
Sound Notifications Use this setting to enable an audio alert for new orders.
Sound Specifies the audio alert tone.
Interval Specifies the interval between alert signals.
Alert Old Orders Enables notifications about old order .
Alert time  
Receipt Printer Use this group of settings to select, configure, and test the receipt printer.
Keep screen on Enable this setting  to prevent the mobile device from going into the sleep mode.