The customer orders will be closed once fulfilled by both parties – that is, items received and payment complete. 

View Closed Orders List

To view the Closed Orders list

  • Open the POS Terminal Menu, and then click Closed Orders.
    This displays the Closed Orders list similar to the following screen:

TIP: The list is sorted by dates. You can use the filter in the top menu bar to display closed orders for a specified period. 

In this list, each item has the following elements:

  • Date/Time: displays the date and time when this order has been closed;
  • Amount: the order amount (in the currency units);
  • Order#:  the order number;
  • Transaction#: the transaction number;
  • Payment: the order payment mode (such as Cash, Card, or Gift Card);
  • Type: the order type (such as Quick, Dine-in, or Delivery);
  • Customer: the customer name, if any;
  • Employee: the staff member who closed this order.

View Closed Order Details

To view detailed information on a closed order, tap  next to that order. POS Terminal displays a page similar to the following screen:

The bottom menu bar defines the following commands:

  • Back: tap to close this page and return to the Closed Orders list.
  • Print: prints this page.
  • Send: emails this page to the specified address.
  • Refund: click to refund this order. For more information, see Cancel or Refund Order.

View Closed Order History

Clicking the Order # element in the upper right corner of the order details page displays the Order History page similar to the following screenshot: 

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