There are three pages that help you specify taxes in Back Office Management console. This topic overviews all steps that you should perform to specify taxes for your stores. 

Add a Tax to the Taxes List

First of all, add new tax to the Taxes list: see related procedure “To add new tax” in Taxes.

Specify the Tax Type in System Settings

For different countries and regions, different types of taxes are applied. On the System Settings page of Back Office Management Console, you can change the tax type before applying the tax to your stock and sales. For example, you can specify whether to apply one tax per item or multiple taxes for item.

For information on how to specify this setting, see the description of the Tax Types element in System Settings.

Apply Taxes to Your Items

When creating new item or editing existing items, you can apply any created taxes. 

For more information, see related procedure in Items List or watch our help video.