About Multiple Stores Mode

Now POS Terminal allows you to process orders in any of your registered stores.

This feature is especially useful for delivery orders: you can select a store to process a customer order basing on the customer delivery address.

IMPORTANT: To use the multiple stores mode, ensure that you have enabled this mode in the POS Terminal General settings.

¬†Additionally, ensure that the POS Terminal user’s roles let them access multiple stores.¬†

To enable the multiple stores mode

  1. Open the General Settings page of your POS Terminal.
  2. Select the Multi-Store Support check box.

To verify where the employee’s roles are active

  1. In Back Office Management console, open the staff list and select an employee.
    TIP: For related procedures, see “Open the Staff List” in Staff List.
  2. Navigate to the Roles tab of that employee and check the stores where their roles are active.
    TIP: For more information and samples, see screenshots from the “Set up a Staff Member Profile” section in How to Add New Staff Member.

Select Store

To select a store to process the customer order

  • When composing a delivery order, after you added a customer, POS Terminal prompts you to select the store:

In the Select store dialog box, select a store to process this delivery order, and click OK.

  • When you compose a quick service or dine-in order, you can optionally select a store from the provided list available on the top menu bar:

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