This topic explains how to apply or unapply inventory documents. 


Applying document — means recording business events, described in the document, in YumaPOS database. For example, applying an Act of transfer, which describes a transfer of inventory items from Location 1 to Location 2, results in a decrease of the volume of stocks at Location 1. At the same time, the volume of stock will be increased by the same value at Location 2. 

Unapplying document is an opposite operation that voids changes made to YumaPOS databases after applying the document.

When You Can Apply or Unapply Documents

YumaPOS Journal of documents (hereafter Journal) lets you apply or unapply both separate documents and groups of documents. However, to perform these operations, the documents must meet certain conditions. To clarify, consider the following screen that illustrates Journal of documents:


This screen helps you understand when you can apply or unapply documents. 

IMPORTANT: You can apply documents only in a chronological order. To apply a document on a previous date, you should first unapply all documents recorded after that date.

Rules for applying documents : To apply a document, ensure that you have unapplied all documents recorded later than your document.

Rules for unapplying documents: To unapply a document, ensure that you have unapplied all documents recorded later than your document.

If you attempt to process documents that do not meet the above rules, Back Office returns the following error message:


How to Apply or Unapply a Separate Document

To apply or unapply a document that meets the above rules, do the following:

To apply a document

  • Hover the cursor over the icon  next to the document (this icon turns into ), and then click  

To unapply a document

  • Hover the cursor over the icon  next to the document (this icon turns into ) and then click 

How to Apply or Unapply a Group of Documents

To apply or unapply a group of documents, in the top-right corner of the Journal screen use the following icons:

  • — applies all documents recorded after specified date and time.
  •  — unapplies all documents recorded from current date down to specified date and time.

How to Apply a Document that Does not Meet the Applying Rules

Sample Scenario

Consider the following scenario: today is March 30, but you want to apply a document and set its recording date to March 20. There are other documents recorded between March 20 and March 30.

Steps to Apply the Document

This sample document does not meet the rules mentioned in the section “When you can apply or unapply documents” earlier in this topic. To workaround this issue and apply the document, perform the following steps:

  1. In Journal, unapply all documents recorded from the current date down to the date when you want to apply your document (in our sample scanario, this date is March 20).
  2. Add your document to Journal, and set the document date to March 20.
  3. In Journal, apply all documents created from March 20 to March 30 (current date).

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