This topic helps you add new item to your menu.

Preliminary Information

Before adding new menu item, consider the following information:

  • Each menu item belongs to a category (examples of categories: vegetables, hot drinks, salads, etc.). Before creating new menu item, ensure that an appropriate category exists; otherwise, create new category for this item.
    For more information, see Categories Lists.
  • Some of menu items might contain ingredients. For example, a salad recipe includes potatoes, carrots, onion, and other ingredients. In YumaPOS, the ingredients are referred to as inventory items
    If your menu item contains ingredients, ensure that appropriate inventory items exist; otherwise, create those inventory items.
    For more information, see Inventory.
  • Some of menu items might have related or general modifiers. For example, if you are selling a burger, you may want to give your customers the ability to choose what toppings they want on their item.  In this scenario, a topping is a modifier.
    If your menu item has associated modifiers, ensure that appropriate modifiers exist; otherwise, create those modifiers.
    For more information, see Modifiers.

Add New Menu Item

To add new menu item, perform the following steps:

  1. In the left pane of Back Office Management console, expand the Items List node, and then click Items List.
  2. Click Add Item and complete the Add Menu Item form that opens.

For detailed instructions on how to complete the Add Menu Item form, see “Add New Menu Item” in Items List.