This page allows you to configure the print parameters for printers connected to your net, such as the receipt printers or kitchen printers.

Configure Print Settings

To open the Printing Settings screen

  • In the POS Terminal application menu, click Settings, and then click Printing Settings:

To configure the print settings, use the following elements:

  • Allow Print Receipt After Payment: select to print a receipt after order payment. 
  • Allow Print Copy of Receipt After Payment: select to print a receipt copy after order payment. 
  • Auto Printing on Kitchen After Payment: select to print a kitchen receipt on approprite kitchen printers after order payment.
  • Enable Printing of Order Number on a Separate Receipt: select to allow you to print the order number on a separate receipt.
  • Auto Printing Kitchen Receipt on Receipt Printer after payment:  select to print the specified number of thr kitchen receipt copies on the specified receipt printer.
    NOTE: Select the number of copies from the provided list.

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