List of Orders

One of the main screens in the POS Terminal application is the list of active orders. Active orders are those orders which are not yet closed.

Closed Orders and Refunds

The closed orders screen shows the completed orders of a specific store, café or restaurant within the last three months.

Cash Management

The cash drawer log records all events related to cash drawer including cash transactions, refunds, start and end of shifts, X and Z report generation.

Shift Start / Shift End

Start Shift is used to unlock the POS Terminal application, create and process orders and receive payments.

Delivery Orders Creation

Orders for delivery or takeout will also land in the Active orders screen. They require a slightly different process to standard orders.

Delivery Management

All Delivery orders will appear in the Delivery module of the POS Terminal application.

Mobile Payment

To begin mobile payment, find the customer using the last four digits of their phone number and verify with their name.