This functionality allows you to work with all created stock deliveries and returns documents. You can view detailed information on purchase orders. You can also return purchased inventory to vendors.

This topic covers the following subjects:

View a List of Receivings and Returns

To view a list of all receivings and returns

  • In the left pane of Back Office Management console, expand the Inventory node, and then click Receivings & Returns.
    This displays a list of all stock deliveries and returns. The list is similar to the following screen:

This page defines the following elements:

  • Receiving: allows you to receive inventory items (see Receive Inventory later in this topic)
  • Return: allows you to return inventory items to a vendor (see Return Inventory later in this topic)
  • Remove: removes selected entries from the list
  • Location, Vendor, Period: these elements specify criteria for filtering the list
  • Apply: click this button to filter the list based on the specified criteria.

In the list, each entry has the following fields:

  • Date, Time: display the operation date and time
  • Action: displays the operation type (Return or Receiving)
  • Reference: displays a link to a reference document for this operation, if any. For example, the reference document for a receiving is a purchase order.
  • Vendor: displays the vendor name
  • Location: displays the vendor or stock location.

More Details on the Stock Operations

The links available in the Action, Reference, and Vendor columns let you view more details on a stock operation.

Action Column

Clicking a link in the Action column displays the operation details. For example, for a receiving operation, Back Office displays a page similar to the following screen:

TIP: To navigate to the next or previous operation, use   and  .  To start editing the operation details, click Edit.

Reference column

Clicking a link in the Reference column displays a reference document for this operation. For example, for receivings, the reference documents are purchase orders.

Vendor column

Clicking a link in the Vendor column displays a tabbed page with detailed information about the vendor. For details, see Managing Vendors.

Receive Inventory

To receive inventory items, complete the following steps:

  1. Click Receiving.
  2. When prompted, specify whether to add new receiving for an existing purchase order. If you select Yes, Back Office displays the Choose PO form that allows you to select a base purchase order from the provided list. If you select No, navigate to Step 3.
  3. Complete a new receiving form similar to the following screen:

    In this form, you can do the following:
    • Specify or edit information on added inventory items (such as, quantity, price, expiration date, etc.).
    • Click Add Item to add item from the inventory items list, or click Add New Item to add new inventory item.
    • Specify or edit information on the vendor, delivery location or a status of this receiving.
  4. Click Save.

Return Inventory

To return inventory items to your vendor, complete the following steps:

  1. Click Return.
  2. On the Choose Receiving form, select a receiving for which you want to return inventory items, and click OK
  3. On the Return Items form, in the Returned Qty column, specify the quantity of items to return , and in the Return column, turn the toggle button ON:
  4. Click Save.

NOTE: Use this functionality only for physical returns. If an amount of inventory items decreased because of other reasons, update the quantities using adjustment methods (see Audits and Adjustments).

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