This topic covers the following subjects related to your vendors:

  • Viewing a list of vendors
  • Adding new vendor
  • Edit existing vendor
  • Deleting vendors
  • Making purchase order

View a List of Your Vendors

To view a list of vendors

  • In the left pane of Back Office Management console, expand the Inventory node, and click Vendors.
    This displays a list of existed vendors similar to the following screen:

This page defines the following elements:

  • Add: adds new vendor
  • Delete: deletes selected vendors from the list
  • Make Order: allows you to make new order of inventory items
  • Filter: filters the vendors list by specified criteria.

All these operations are described later in this topic.

Add New Vendor

To add new vendor, open the list of your vendors, and complete the following steps:

  1. Click Add.
  2. Complete the Add Vendor form that opens, and click Save:

The Add Vendor form defines the following elements:

  • Company Name (mandatory): specifies the vendor company name
  • Contact Person Name: specifies the contact person name
  • Country, City, State, ZipCode, and Address: use these fields to specify the vendor postal address
  • Active: when ON, makes this vendor active and available for operations
  • Email: specifies the vendor email address
  • Description: provides a space for you to enter optional description of the vendor.

Edit Existing Vendors

When you edit existing vendors, please take into account that for existing vendors, YumaPOS records all information including previous purchases and purchase status.

To view or edit information on a vendor

  1. Open a list of your vendors (see View a List of Your Vendors earlier in this topic).
  2. Click the name of the vendor.
    This opens a tabbed page with information on the vendor similar to the following screen. The tabbed page has three tabs similar to the following screens:
    General tab: displays general information about this vendor.

    Purchasing Orders tab: lists purchasing orders for this vendor, if any.

    Inventory Items tab: lists all inventory items purchased from this vendor:
  3. On the General tab, update the vendor information as necessary, and click Update to save your changes.

NOTE: The Inventory Items and Purchase Orders tabs displays a read-only information.

Delete Vendors

To delete vendors

  1. From the vendors list, select vendor(s) to delete.
  2. Click Delete, and then confirm the deletion operation when prompted.

NOTE: This operation permanently deletes the selected vendors.

Make Purchase Order

To make new order of inventory items

  • Click Make Order and then complete the Add Order form that opens.

NOTE: For detailed information, see “Purchase Orders” in the See also section.

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