Getting Started

As a rule, the menu items use some ingredients in their recipes. For example, a salad recipe includes potatoes, carrots, onion, sweet oil, and other ingredients. In YumaPOS, the ingredients are referred to as inventory items or stock items. The Inventory feature helps you perform the following operations:

  • manage the ingredients purchase
  • take an inventory of stock items
  • transfer items from one location to another
  • manage a list of your vendors, and more.

To start working with inventory items, you should first create inventory categories and locations where you want to hold those items.  After this, you can add new items to your inventory items list.

After you added new items to the inventory list, you can purchase and receive those items from your vendors, transfer items from one location to another location, and more. For detailed information, see Managing Vendors and Stock Deliveries and Returns.

For more information, see the following topics: