About This Feature

This page displays overall financial information on all your legal entities in real time. The following information are available:

  • The cash balance (it includes the amount of cash in the safe deposit and in cash drawers of all your POS terminals).
  • The bank accounts balances (non-cash funds)
  • Accounts payables
  • Accounts receivables
  • Balance of each POS terminal at your stores.

Accessing Cash Balance Information

To open the cash balance screen

  • In the left pane of Back Office Management console, expand the Finances node, and click Cash Balance
    Back Office displays the cash balance information similar to the following screen:

At the top of this screen, Back Office displays the following overall financial information on all your legal entities:

  • Cash: displays a total amount of cash (in the currency units).
  • Card: displays total balance of all your bank accounts (non-cash funds).
  • Credit: displays accounts payable.
  • Debit: displays accounts receivable.

Viewing Detailed Information on Legal Entities

The Name column displays a list of your legal entities. To view detailed information on a legal entity, expand the entity node (click the plus (+) icon next to the entity name):

To clarify the Balance screen information, consider the above screen that displays the balances of Yumasoft International company and information on all POS terminals connected to Yuma Demo India store:

  • The Cash column displays the cash balance of Yumasoft International 2616.81 that consists of the safe deposit sum (1102.81) and the cash balance of Yuma Demo India store (1514.00):
    2616.81 = 1102.81 + 1514.00.
  • The Card column displays the balance of the bank account of Yumasoft international (120.00).

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