This topic explains how to view and optionally modify an existing inventory item.

Open the Inventory Items List

To open the inventory items list

  • In the left pane of Back Office Management console, click Inventory, and then click Inventory Items:

Open an Item Property Tabbed Page

To open a tabbed page with the inventory item properties, in the Name column, click the item name. This displays a tabbed page, which includes the following abs: General, Recipe, Disassemble Recipe, Included intoLots, Vendors, and History

To view or modify the inventory item properties, navigate to an appropriate tab.

General Tab

On this tab, you can view and modify general properties of that item.  For details, see “Adding New Inventory Items” in Managing Inventory Items.

Recipe Tab

On this tab, you can add, view and modify the recipe of that item.  

To add a recipe

  1. Click Add Recipe.
  2. Complete the Recipe form similar to the following screen, and click Save:

To complete the Recipe form

  1.  In the Portion text box, enter a portion weight (in kg) in Portion.
  2. In the Item Name column, start typing a component (inventory item) name, and select it from the provided list.
  3. In the Net column, specify the net weight (in kg only) of the component.
    NOTE: The Qty and Gross columns  are automatically updated. You do not need to set any values in this column.
  4. Optionally, specify appropriate values in the Losses, % column.
  5. Click Save.


To clarify, consider the recipe for Russian salad. The salad recipe includes the canned green peas (net weight of a can is 0.3 kg). According to this recipe, a salad portion contains 0.05 kg of green peas, and you enter this value in the Net column next to Green peas (canned). After this, YumaPos automatically calculates: Qty = 0.167 (in pcs), and Gross = 0.067 (in kg).

Disassemble Recipe Tab

On this tab, you can add, view and modify the recipe of disassembling this item.  For details, see How to Use Recipes

Included Into Tab

This tab displays a list of other inventory items and/or menu items that incude this item in their recipes or disassemble recipes.

On this tab, you can do the following:

  • Click the appropriate link in the Item Name column to navigate to the item property page.
  • Click  icon in the Action column to remove this item from recipes or disassemble recipes.
    IMPORTANT: You cannot remove the item from a recipe if some acts have been applied after activating the recipe. In this case, Back Office returns an error message.  To work around this issue, add and activate new recipe, that contains no the item to remove.

Lots Tab

This tab displays information about the inventory lots and their purchase prices.

Vendors Tab

This tab displays information on vendors (contractors) that shipped this inventory item together with the most recent purchase prices. This information helps you compare prices and decide the source for the next stock purchase.

History Tab

This tab displays information about the item’s previous quantity changes due to sales, purchases, audits, adjustments and more.

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